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If you are planning an event on campus, our team is here to help.  From a small event using one tent to a large canopy tent, tables and chairs, we can provide the expertise to make your event a success.  Our staff can assist in the planning and coordinating of your rental details and then follow up with delivery and tear down of a large array of equipment for your event on campus.


If you are interested in learning more about our services, please click the button below to get started.  Once we have your information, we will reach out to discuss your specific event needs and cost for your event on campus.

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Event Rental Service

Rental Equipment We Offer

10' x 10' Pop-Up Tent

This resort quality marquee 10’x10’ pop up tent makes holding an event easy.  The heavy duty aluminum frame and waterproof top are built to withstand wind and inclement weather.  Telescopic legs extend up to 6' 11" head height.  Choose from a White Top or CSU Branded Top.  Each tent is setup secured to the ground and can be customized to include side walls.  Total inventory 50 white units, 20 branded units.

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Additional fees for a CSU branded tent and side walls will apply.

20' x 20' High Peak Tent

Upgrade your event with this beautiful Matrix-MarqueeTM event tent.  With a high center peak and engineered rigid aluminum alloy frame this tents gives you those distinctive smooth peaks.  Each tent top can be customized with a green or yellow flag.  Enhance your event experience by adding side walls.  This tent can be set up on either grass or concrete and spans 400 sq feet.  Tent can seat 60 in rows or hold approximately four to six - 8’ banquet tables.  Total inventory 6 units.

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20 x 20 Tent
20 x 20 tent

White Folding Chair

This premium white resin chair is a comfortable option for both indoor and outdoor events.  Each chair has a padded seat, measuring 14” deep and 15.5” wide for added comfort.  Enhanced bracing in each heavy duty folding chair allows for a static weight capacity of 1000 lb.  Total inventory 70 units.

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Sandwich Board Sign Holder

Customize your event with our white A frame sign holder.  Easily slide in your customized Coroplast® poster signage to communicate your event information.  Insert measures 24”x36”.  Total inventory 6 units.

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6' or 8' Banquet Table

These light weight tables are perfect for your next meeting or event.  With a durable easy to clean top, these tables may be used indoors or outdoors.  Available in both 6’ and 8’ lengths and measure 30” wide.  Total 6’ inventory 15 units, total 8’ inventory 15 units.

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cocktail table

Cocktail Table

This heavy duty, low maintenance cocktail table with beveled top in warm brown is ideal for any gathering both indoor and outdoor.  Rated to hold 400 lbs evenly distributed, the large base and durable joints provide great stability for any occasion.   The cocktail table measures 30" in diameter and 44" in height.  For a  finishing touch, accompany this table with a black table linen for an additional cost.   Total Inventory 10 units.

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Barricades - Green or Gold

Our lightweight 8’ barricades are a great solution if you need to create an enclosure at your event.  Barriers can be placed alternating Green and Gold to create a festive CSU look at your function.   Want even more CSU pride, upgrade the barriers by adding a CSU Rams Head sign.  Each barrier can be customized with a Coroplast®  poster communicating your event information.  Insert measures 36”x28”.   Total inventory 40 units green, 40 units gold.

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Additional fees for Rams Head sign will apply.

Barricade with Rams Head
Barricade with Rams Head

Stanchions (Line Guides)

Stanchions are a perfect solution when you need to encourage pedestrian traffic in a specific direction.  Our black stanchions can be used indoor or outdoor.  Each stanchion has a 2” wide self-retracting 10’ universal belt that connects to each post.   Each black steel post is weighted with a concrete filled base.  Total inventory 30 units.

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Bike Rack

Expecting heavy bike traffic at your event, our portable 10’ bike racks hold up to 8 – 10 bikes.  Racks can be used independently or positioned together for large scale parking.  Interested in a Bike Valet parking system, we can help you design this solution.  Total inventory 40 racks.

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Bean Bag Toss Game

Bean Bag Toss is a recreational yard game for all ages that is a staple at picnics and events.  These CSU branded game sets are a great addition to any event creating an atmosphere of fun and togetherness.  All you need is one of our game sets, which includes two boards and eight bags.  Total Inventory 2 game sets.

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