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International Mailing

Due to the U.S. federal restrictions on exports and mailing to certain destinations, before mailing internationally we must take a few precautions.  Please note - USPS does not allow customers to send mail to these sanctioned countries:  Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.


If your mail piece is being sent First Class Mail International, weighs under 16 ounces AND contains only non-negotiable documents or correspondence such as the following:  audit and business records, personal correspondence, circulars, pamphlets, advertisements, written instruments not intended to be sold, money orders, checks or similar items that can't be negotiated or converted into cash without forgery, then you need no further documentation and you can proceed with mailing.


If your mail piece is being sent via any other type of service such as Priority or Express OR weighs over 16 ounces OR contains items not listed above, you will need to complete the International Checklist before your mail piece can be sent.  For your protection and that of the University, please complete the Kuali online form here before routing your mailing to Mail Services.  For questions about this form, please contact the University's Export Control Administrator at or visit their website.


If you have questions regarding what form is required for your international mailing, please contact us at (970) 491-6529 or send an e-mail to

Before mailing internationally, please visit the CSU Export Control website for further information.

Complete this Kuali form before bringing your international mailing to Mail Services

Complete the Online USPS Customs Form and include all three pages on the outside of your USPS mail piece.  Transtream shipments do not require this step as these forms are created automatically.

For a full list of USPS International Service Alerts, please click this button.